• We take the fear and anxiety out of the college application process.
  • Our experience enables us to navigate the application process with minimal difficulty.
  • We guide you on the best college choices that fit your grades and test scores.
  • We help alleviate stress for you and your parents so you can both think clearly.



At TEE Enterprises we will take the fear and anxiety out of the college application process. By collecting the students' data, we will have the tools to prepare both the Common App and applications for colleges that don't participate in that process.


Our experience enables us to navigate through the application process with a minimal amount of difficulty, allowing parents to rest assured that everything is being done properly.


We will also "guide" the student and family on college choices that fit with the grades and test scores that the student has achieved, as well as the field of study that interests the student at this time.





The student will write the Common App essay, and all additional essay requests. We will critique them and make constructive suggestions on making your essay "better". We will NOT write an essay for any student!

When the application is complete, you'll provide us with a credit card that will be used to pay the application fees for each institution, and to have the students' SAT and/or ACT scores forwarded on to those colleges. Use $100 as the average estimated cost to apply to, and send scores to, each college.





Pay the program fee to get the process started.

The information you provide will enable us to establish a new e-mail address for the student and you to centralize all of your process correspondence, access your SAT and/or ACT grades, and complete the application process for you much more quickly than if you did it yourself.

During the entire process the student and his or her parents will have total access to the Common App to monitor progress and verify accuracy of the information.

We will track due dates for acceptance decisions for each school, and send you reminders to "be on the lookout", either in the school's portal, or in the mail.

Receive a detailed document from us that you will populate with information that is required for the Common App. If the student is applying to colleges that do not participate in the Common App, you will receive a supplemental request for information once we have ascertained what each school needs.

Standard cost is $3,000. This includes applying up to 12 colleges, whether Common App or individual. Each additional application above 12 will be $250 unless all applications are through the Comon App. The Fee also includes interacting with college admission officers as necessary, transmitting all test scores, interacting with guidance counselors, and UNLIMITED consulting with the student and his or her parents.


Early Bird Special. If a student signs up to use us and pays the fee before October 1, 2018 we will reduce the program cost to $2,500.


Referral Benefit. If you refer people to us who use our service, we will give you back $100 for each referral, up to a total of $500!! This "refund" will be sent to you at the end of the application process.


If you would like us to prepare the FAFSA for you (this is the financial document used to determine eligibility for financial aid, loans and scholarships) we will do so for an additional $500. There will be no extra charge if a college asks for additional financial aid forms such as the CSS.



WITH OUR CONSIDERABLE EXPERIENCE you can trust your college journey will begin the right way.

"Opening the World to Your College Journey"

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